Anne-Sophie Firion is a French and Spanish Lawyer (ICAM), arbitrator, lawyer-linguist of the Cour of Justice of the European Union, as well as an external associate of one of the most prestigious Spanish international commercial law firms.

After successfully obtaining her PhD with top honors, spending several years as a professor and researcher in Paris and New York, and obtaining a teaching certification as a university professor in law from la Sorbonne, she completed her training as an attorney with two leading law firms (Linklaters in Paris and Uría & Menéndez in Madrid).

Her legal and linguistic knowledge and experience, combined with a large professional network, allow her to efficiently support her clients in their projects and the protection of their interests.

Anne-Sophie Firion is based in Madrid, working as a sole practitioner, in association with the law firm Estudio Jurídico Castellana in Madrid, and with different law firms based in other countries.

She is able to work with the client's team of lawyers or build an ad hoc one to cater for the needs and complexity of each case and the jurisdictions involved.

Anne-Sophie Firion is the Spanish member of FIL (French-speaking International Lawyers), the only global network of French-speaking comercial lawyers.